The future of an organization and the potential of its employees are intertwined; their destinies are linked

An organization can only become the-best-version-of-itself to the extent that the people who drive that organization are becoming better-versions-of-themselves.  To the extent that a CEO, an executive team, and a group of managers and employees explore their potential as individuals, so too will an organization explore its potential.

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Emotional Intelligence

The Competitive Edge                       

Many of the issues confronting the firms have nothing to do with accounting, strategic planning, or budget sheets. Rather, they are the results of faulty communication, of people's inability to understand how they and others functioned, and of a failure to see matters from someone else's perspective or grasp the impact of their own actions.                                                                                                                                                   

Collaborative Leadership

Turning Theory Into Everyday Reality

Once upon a time in the workplace, the boss-as-despot model was accepted, even desired. Thirty years ago, that approach may have worked well enough. The economy was more traditional; employees tended to hang on to what they had, remaining loyal to a firm through thick and thin. Today, the majority of talented individuals simply won't put up with it.                                                                                                                                            

Transactional Analysis

TA101 Certification

Transactional Analysis (or TA) helps to explain in simple terms why we think, feel and behave in the way we do. Transactional Analysis is a powerful tool to understand complex human behavior through models that are easy to understand by the layman. This workshop uses TA in an interesting and experiential way to look at yourself and your interactions and provides an opportunity to re-decide and design your thoughts, feeling and behavior.

About Us

101 Degrees is a training & development company offering customized training programs for any organization  that is looking to become a better version of itself. 

The name 101 Degrees is illustrative of the transformation of water to steam.  At 100 degrees it is still water – one degree determines the difference between hot water and steam that is capable of moving a trainload of people. Individual transformation happens when we move out of our comfort zones – that one extra degree makes the difference.


To be the catalyst that transforms individuals into leaders, potential into performance.  To inspire people to live a complete and fulfilling life, excelling in everything they do.


To provide holistic training through easy and interesting learning concepts and accelerate the drive for sustained high performance.

Guiding Principle

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi

About Our CEO

About our CEO

101 Degrees was founded by Vigneswari Abraham.  A passion for helping  others and a deep belief in unlimited human potential led her to start 101 Degrees.
She is also a Business Transformation Coach with 10+ years of experience who works with entrepreneurs and helps them achieve their dreams and live the life they desire and richly deserve.
Vigneswari’s niche is creating a thriving business drawing insights from her personal experience and from a wealth of knowledge gained over many years of working with entrepreneurs.

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  • 101 Degrees conducted 12 training modules for our company spread over 6 months.  The topics covered include goal setting, team building, leadership development, etc.  Our employees found the sessions very beneficial in developing their personal and career spheres.  Service Square owes 101 Degrees a lot for their involvement and commitment.

    Babu Vincent, CEO of Service Square
  • For anybody who wants to reach their goals without going through a process of stress in an efficient way I suggest giving the De-Stress workshop of 101 Degrees a try.  Their content was brilliant and delivery very powerful.  Well done 101 Degrees.

    Chidambaram KP, Real Estate Entrepreneur/Hospitality Business Owner
  • I was lucky enough to attend the De-Stress program of 101 Degrees.  Awesome program.  What wonderful tools had been given.  Simple yet powerful.  I highly recommend it.

    Mohsin Bijapuri, Financial Architect
  • It was a gift to attend the training program by 101 Degrees.  It was awesome.  I am taking a lot back with me than what was anticipated.

    Senthil Subramananiam, MD of The Car Experts
  • 101 Degrees' Transactional Analysis workshop was an eye opener. TA is a great program and should be made a mandatory program as part of employees' personal development in corporate sector.

    Radhika Nair, SDM, Temenos India Pvt Ltd

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